My MTB Journey 22 Oct 2020

2 Oct. Thursday after work. A touch over 77 minutes 1.17.19. Four and a bit minutes quicker than the other morning. Go figure why there is such a big fluctuation in results and I ‘m a little vexed that I can’t cycle consistently around the 77 minute mark.

As I was circulating I thought I might have managed a slightly better outcome today. I managed to pass a couple of riders who looked younger than me. Though, to be fair they seemed more interested in yapping than riding. I was held up slightly by them and had to give way to a couple of other groups. All in all, given it was fairly breezy, I’m pretty pleased with myself. I am going to try and get a couple of rides in over the long weekend, and make sure I drink plenty of fluid and eat some good carbs and give it heaps.

Getting a new bike when I have hit my target might be a bit of a challenge in this weird world we live in. There don’t seem to be any production issues, but with less planes flying this puts extra pressure on the container capacity on the water which is leading to delays. The ports are chokka apparently. Looks like our Christmas peak might have a long tail. I might be able to pick up a decent second hand bike from someone who liked the idea of getting out and doing some riding, but found it takes a bit of effort, but I would prefer a new one.

Once I have hit my target time I am planning to extend the circuit I ride and start to explore other options. I have plenty of leave to use up at some point and some of the trails in the South Island are piquing my interest.

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