My MTB Journey 2 November.

2 November.  Monday morning and another record. First time I have cracked the 76 minute mark. 1.15.42. 28 seconds better than Saturday morning. 12 segment achievements including two records for some of the longer sections.

However, still not the complete effort I’m looking for. I had a couple of whoopsie excursions off the track, encountered a few more walkers than usual, and almost gave it away halfway around as I thought I was probably running well behind. I forgot to check my start time until I was rolling through the carpark so had to guess the sector targets I need to hit. Note to self. Make sure you check your start time.

The last couple of rides its been quite breezy and it always seems the hardest climbs are directly into the wind and it always seems to be blowing the wrong way when I need a hand. This morning it was really still which must have helped.

It will be interesting to see how hard its going to be to knock off that last forty two seconds. If I keep improving at the current rate its possible I could hit my target later in the week, if I manage to get in two rides between now and Sunday. This isn’t beyond the realms of possibility given in just over a week I have gained 36 seconds and in ten days; 97. I’ll gloss over the fact that its taken me six months to get back to these times after getting down to close to 76 minutes way back in March. A lot of water has flowed under the bridge since then.

Inevitably I’ll have setbacks. Hopefully, I won’t get too discouraged if it takes me weeks to crack the 75 minute mark. Once I have, then I need to cast my mind to what the next target might be to keep myself motivated.

I’ve taken the day off, it might be my last chance to take a break before the big guy comes down the chimney. Though I think its going to be a funny old lead into Christmas with disrupted supply chains having a big impact.

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