My MTB Journey 18-26 December

18 December. Friday after work. 74.05 minutes 1.14.05. Pretty hot conditions and I had a wee whoopsie. I’m disappointed with a time that I would have been happy with on my last ride as this is one and a half minutes slower than last week.

I had eight achievements, six of which were in the second section of the ride, including the three records, and my wee excursion.

23 December. Wednesday afternoon.76 and a bit minutes or 1.16.12. Not my best time and slower than my recent efforts. Still five and half minutes better than a similar time this time last year.

I was slowed down by a guy who stopped me to ask for directions at one point and I discovered my seat was loose at the same time which I had to stop and sort out. It was really hot and windy as well, so not a bad time really. Only one more day until the big guy comes down chimney.

I’m only having the short week off between Christmas and New Year and sort out a holiday later on, but I hope to get some riding in, maybe every second day.

26 December. Boxing Day. Just under 76 minutes or 1.15.52. Slightly quicker than the other afternoon, but still not where I think I should be. On a positive note, almost six minutes better than the same time last year. I’ll put this morning’s effort down to a few days of indulgence.

It was nice and still this morning so riding conditions were excellent. It was one of those rides where I thought I was trucking along pretty well, but the tale of the tape tells a different story. It’s the mid section of the circuit where I can still make gains, where there are a couple of decent climbs but also some fast, flowing sections. I also had one off piste excursion which would have cost me a few seconds while I recovered my composure.

My target is still seventy minutes, which seems a long way away this morning, but doesn’t feel beyond me. At the very least I want to circulate regularly at less then 75 minutes. I still reckon that the perfect ride still eludes me and the new riding shirt I got for Christmas didn’t hep me go any faster.

Some of the tracks have suddenly got pretty overgrown, the council has been up there with a team doing some maintenance but there are still some segments that make the tracks a little difficult to navigate. With a bit of luck there will be some more action after the break to tidy them up. I can’t use this as an excuse, as this didn’t seem to slow me down on these sections.

While I am keen to improve my time, I also want to do some exploring and try some different tracks. There are some new trails which have been built between Kaiaua, through Thames and down to Matamata. It would be great to try some of these and perhaps a few road sections. Hopefully, the roads will be quiet in the mornings over the next week or so, especially in the morning.

It’s just started to rain, so I timed my ride well.

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