Being an elite athlete has its frustrations. It seems every time I get a roll on and get my performance close to my target, shit happens.

If its not just periodic lack of enthusiasm and mechanical failures. Earlier in the year it was lockdown one and the local bike park was theoretically closed. Then once it was open, it took a long while to get back to the level of fitness and speed I managed in March. Timing didn’t help going onto winter and damper conditions.

In recent weeks with the conditions and my fitness improving I have been pretty pleased with myself. However, in the last ten days a slight cold which coincided with some pretty rough weather has resulted in me not having ridden since early last week.

Now I am ready to roll and the weather is looking good, I find myself having to isolate while I await the outcome of a Covid test. I wont bore you with the back story but I’m pretty sure I don’t have Covid. However, I would hate to be ‘that guy’ that went off for a ride and injured himself, and later presented as infected at the local medical centre.

Hopefully, I’ll get a negative result later in the day and normal service will resume and I haven’t lost too much pace.

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