May Sales Update

Well another month has come and gone. Another month some new lessons learnt and re-learnt, more wondering how thick I can be in terms of my advertising copy, managed to sell a few more books, and spent some (more) money I should be saving for our trip of a lifetime or a new ute.

This month I decided to have another crack at advertising on Facebook and Amazon on the basis any advertising seems to sell a few books. This came after a period where I sold very few copies which was rather deflating in some ways and made me question why bother writing at all.
To be honest, the writing and production of the books for most of us is a vanity project, it would be nice to make some money out of it but at the end of the day it is a hobby. And, while I have spent some serious money over the years on editors, advertising and other bits and pieces – to be fair I spend more on motorbikes, gear, gas and parts. So, while I might question why I bother occasionally I am not going to stop and live in hope that someone will notice me, like my writing and offer me a book deal. Yeah right. But those really positive book reviews help so keep them coming and life provides a rich vein of material.
I have tended to advertise my latest book – The Lifeboat because it is the best written of the lot on the basis if people like it they will have to go back and buy the other two to help them understand the back story. Seems to work as sales of the other two books are always ahead of The Lifeboat.
After much experimentation, I have managed to land on an Amazon add where my Advertising Cost of Sales is about 50% – which means the advertising cost is about 50% of the revenue. I don’t know what a good number looks like but I am pretty sure that a number of 1328% is not a good number. Luckily, I closed that add down pretty quickly.
Price seems to be a big driver on Amazon and dropping the price from a modest US$2.99 to US$0.99 seems to have a much more positive impact on sales than advertising. I have also tried barter deals, if you want something from me you need to buy my books. This doesn’t seem to work so well though there have been some positive responses.

Facebook adds drive a lot of traffic as well but the conversion rate is really piss poor and much harder to measure, maybe it’s time to get some professional help in this area.
On a parting note-the first draft of book four, tentatively titled The Colonist has cracked the 127000 word mark which is only 13000 words off the target I had set for Christmas. On the positive side, I have worked out an ending which had been something that had been troubling me. Now I just have to get there.

This month I have also changed my monthly sales chart. This one looks quite impressive I reckon with some impressive spikes in between the flat bits.

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