May update from the Skidian Chronicles creative nerve centre.

It’s been a while since my last update and there has been plenty going on. On the writing front I am making good progress on the fifth book in the Skidian universe and it looks like I might be in a position to publish well before my original target of January 2020. This is subject to the availability of my preferred book cover designer and editor, and the impact of the day job. Another challenge is that somehow the word count keeps growing despite my best efforts to cull sections out! If I can manage to publish ahead of time the command authority will be pleased because it means I can spend some quality time with her before and after the Rugby World Cup gets underway.

On a really positive note, in the last few months I have been plugging away with various marketing initiatives which have put my books in the hands of many new readers. While sales volumes continue to be wildly erratic, I am continuously surprised at the number of people who have read and enjoyed my books.

Earlier this year I ran a successful crowd sourcing campaign to help pay for a hardcopy print run of the current series of books. Towards the end of March, I also ran a free giveaway (or if you are President Donald Trump, an alternative sales campaign) on Amazon which also resulted in some actual sales where money changed hands. Combined, these initiatives resulted 1400 odd of my books getting into the hands of new readers which I reckon is a pretty decent achievement. I am so pleased with this outcome I am running another free giveaway of the first two books in the series starting at midnight (US Pacific Time) on the 2nd and 3rd of June. Click here to buy:-)  Skid, The First Chronicle, and  The Second Coming

Happy reading.

Bruce and his alter ego Keith
Where to find the books on Amazon – Skid, The First ChronicleThe Second ComingThe Lifeboat,The Colonists.

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