Keith Fenwick

Keith Fenwick (1962) was born in a small rural town in the middle of nowhere and grew up in and around Hamilton, New Zealand. Many people would say this background endows a natural challenge for any young man making is way in the world. However, Keith prefers to believe the disadvantages of his early life and adolescence have been wonderful preparation for dealing with adversity and dealing with ambiguity in his adult life.

Ever the late starter Keith renewed a long time, latent passion for writing after she who must be obeyed bought a Kindle for his birthday a few years ago. He realized there now existed an outlet for his work that didn’t rely on mainstream publishers and Amazon’s simple and effective self-publishing tools have allowed him to finally realize his dream of being a published author.

While he is a long way off being able to live off his writing, Keith is now selling enough books he now feels comfortable describing himself a writer with a day job. He has written four science fiction novels, that have an element of quirky kiwi themed humor to them. While sci fi is the vehicle, these novels address a number of serious contemporary topics and ideas. Not least, what happens if you ignore the warning signs about your degrading environment until it is too late.

The First Skidian Chronicle, The Second Coming, and The Lifeboat are the first, second and third novels in the Skidian Chronicles Trilogy respectively. The trilogy has morphed into a series and the The Colonist should be published by mid 2018. As Keith has a fair bit to say there is a fifth book in the creative pipeline and a work of non-fiction on the way.


Keith’s other interests include drinking ‘lite’ beer because hangovers eat into his writing time and high performance motorcycles. Keeping in the good books of she who must be obeyed is a high priority in his life. He is a firm believer in the quote “Behind every great man there’s a great woman.”


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