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Greetings from the nerve centre of the Skidian Chronicles creative department and welcome to all our new subscribers. With this month’s newsletter the fourth book in the Skidian Chronicles series – The Colonists is available free on Amazon Kindle for the next few days. (from Monday, June 1, 2020, 12:00 AM PDT).

We’re certainly living in interesting times as Covid 19 reminds us that a virus cares nothing for a person’s gender, ethnicity, or political views, is a great leveler, and is busy disrupting economies and tearing at the fabric of society.

Responses have varied across the globe and its clear the ability to deal with the pandemic successfully cannot be measured by the wealth and sophistication of a nation and the capability of its health care system alone.

In this country it appears we have halted the virus in its tracks and our government has been lauded for its response internationally. The lock down wasn’t perfect, we could have reacted faster with less impact on our economy, and closed our borders earlier. However, at least our government took decisive action before it was too late. Nations where the response was less decisive are now paying the price for their inaction. Having said that, in hindsight it would be fair to say we look to have dodged a bullet as much by good luck as good management, the buy in from the majority of the population and our relative isolation also helped.

Elsewhere, leaders who have been adept on preying on people’s anxieties for political gain have been shown to have little empathy for their constituents and appear incapable of providing the guidance and leadership required when faced by a real crisis. Nations with strong bureaucratic institutions have responded better than those with weaker state structures, or where they have been hollowed out by neo liberal ideologues.The cheer leaders of small government are learning a harsh lesson that strong, well-resourced government agencies are critical in times of emergency and trying to blame someone else for your incoherent response doesn’t hide the awful truth of one’s incompetence.

I’d like to think there could be a move to a more egalitarian, (read social-democratic) society in the aftermath of the pandemic now the deficiencies and inability of our current financial and government systems to protect citizens and allow them to flourish have been found wanting. While a more balanced way of governing ourselves is needed I’m not holding my breath though the market, the trickle down economic theories that have driven western societies over the last thirty years, have been proven incapable of responding effectively when confronted with a real crisis.

I have attempted to articulate what this might look like in the fourth book in the Skidian Chronicles series. After all, the series begins with a pandemic. If you haven’t read this book yet, take a look at The Colonists. It is available free on Amazon Kindle from Monday, June 1, 2020, 12:00 AM PDT for two days.

What am I reading now?
What I’m reading at the moment- Fall by Neal Stephenson.

Happy reading.
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