June sales and general update

Normally I have made notes through the month in relation to some topics I can cover in my update but I have been a bit slack this past month. With a bit of  luck I will have some pretty exciting news to report next month which should  give me a big sales boost. Otherwise, apart from a sales update I have little to report.

Sales have been steady if not spectacular, I seem to be getting a decent  response rate from the Amazon adds I am running and there have been a few days in the month where I seem to have sparked some interest. The adverting cost of  sales has increased to what it was but still acceptable given I am trying to build interest in the series. Revenues are still a long a long way off  providing me with the kind of income which would allow me to convince she who must be obeyed to let me give up my day job, but pretty satisfying all the same. I have no other initiatives in this area to report.

Work on the fourth novel in the is trundling along to over 140000 words now. Looking back over my notes I see this was my target for Christmas 2016 so I am a bit behind. On the upside I have finally worked out an ending and now I just have to get myself there, hopefully in the next few weeks. I was originally aiming for a release date of Christmas 2017, though  I reckon at the speed I am going, Christmas 2018 is more likely. The day job is particularly busy at the moment which doesn’t help and we are going on a three week holiday soon, both of which are not conducive to writing.

The weather has been a bit miserable so I haven’t done much riding either. I mate of mine fitted a lowering link to my bike today, with a little help from yours truly and  am looking forward to seeing how that will impact the handling of my steed.

Otherwise apart from work and writing I am also doing a lot of reading. If you need something to read and you haven’t already dipped into the series try the Skidian Chronicles, beginning with the First Chronicle – of course and visit my Amazon Author’s Page and follow me.

Updated Sales Graph- there are some spectacular jumps in sales which are proving difficult to repeat.

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