July 2020 Update

Greetings from the nerve centre of the Skidian Chronicles creative department and welcome to all our new subscribers.

Something different this month for subscribers only. I have created a password protected page on my website so fans can see how the next book is progressing and the direction its taking. This is a warts and all view, very much a first draft, with lots of typos, part sentences and sections which make no sense and lots of bits and pieces which will need a decent prune. Who knows how it will develop, the world today is a fertile source of material. (editorial committee please take note:-)) 

I have had to hit the pause button on writing for the last two months or so as various life events and the impacts of Covid have got in the way (and rightfully so) of my creative process. I’m looking to start writing again now things have settled down, so I’ll update the file regularly. Now I’ve gone public, more or less, I need to discipline myself to get back into a regular rhythm of writing. My last book took less than a year from ‘wo’ to go to produce and felt a bit rushed. This next work I’ll attack at a more leisurely pace.

Click here for access to the warts and all working MS. Password is Skid. (of course)

The Skidian Chronicles series is a prescient example of real life imitates art. The plot in the first book is built around a pandemic initiated by a bio weapon. (Note I don’t subscribe to the theory Covid 19 was caused by a slip up at a Chinese germ warfare laboratory). The crisis should have been nipped in the bud and corrective actions put in place to stop its spread. But of course,  there are lots of miss steps, political decisions made;  some calculated, some driven by self-interest and ignorance,  which fly in the face of common sense, and a misguided belief that specific groups were immune from the effects of the virus bio weapon spreading through the population.

For all the conspiracy theorists out there we also come learn that all is not as it seems in our global bubble and we have a species history that has yet to be acknowledged. Throw in mysterious dark forces who control the world and you have a wonderful series of books for our times. Aliens, shadowy Russian agents, and an unlikely hero who is saving the world from itself the series has it all.

I’ve just managed to finish reading The Fall by Neal Stephenson.

What I am reading now:  On the Beach by ‎Nevil Shute. It seemed apt to read a book about the end of times.

Happy reading.

Bruce and his alter ego Keith.

Where to find the books on Amazon – Skid, The First ChronicleThe Second ComingThe Lifeboat, The Colonists, and The Island.

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