January Sales update.

Well I am a long way from getting anywhere near my target of 3000 sales by the end of this month. With this in mind I have decided on an alternative approach to achieving this target. While it would be nice to make some money out of my works, for the first two books at least what I am really trying to do is to build a fan base.

There are two schools of thought here. One is to price the books to get a decent return for them straight away. Amazon has some great analytics which indicate the price range the books should be set at and there are various tools that can be used to promote books. Advertising does increase sales but I could have taken the missus away for a weekend in Queenstown with the money I spent on advertising last year. The revenue from sales might have paid for dinner and drinks and last month I have sold only a handful of copies.

The other is to build an audience and a community that like the books and want more of the same. So that’s what  I am going to do. My apologies in advance to all those that have bought the first two books as I am now going to give them away for free. For those of you who will now have a read of the books please spend a few moments reviewing them for me.

Here’s the link to the Skidian Chronicles   -the promotion starts on the 7th of February.


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