January 2019 update

It’s been a while since my last update and this list has grown significantly in that time, so here are a few words of questionable wisdom and a welcome to all my new subscribers. If you are new to the series one of my fans recently described my writing  style as Hitch Hikers Guide meets Guardians of the Galaxy meets Crocodile Dundee. (or if you prefer Barry Crump.)

After a complete break from writing over Christmas I started to pick up the pace last week after a patchy effort the week prior. My excuse is I was a little discombobulated after taking a tumble off my mountain bike and breaking my thumb.In hindsight I might have had a slight concussion as well, but it was more likely a severe case of back to work-itis which slowed me down. Luckily as a right hander it was my left thumb, so as a three-finger typist it doesn’t slow me down too much. However, not having full use of the digit makes a surprising number of activities a little awkward to complete. But this is not the time or place to enlighten people with the gory details.

This week I cracked the hundred-thousand-word mark on the 5th book in the series and am the aim is to be ready to publish this time next year. Once I have got to the end of the first draft, I will be looking for beta readers and will churning out advanced copies and other freebies for my subscribers. 

Over the break I spent a lot of time thinking about book marketing and how to create a point of difference to get my books into the hands of more readers. Price doesn’t appear to be the main driver. I have consumed advice from various experts and successful authors, some of whom seem to spend more time sharing their expertise than writing. I did wonder if that’s where I should focus my energy, sharing my experiences. However, in my case, it would be a cautionary tale of sharing lessons about what not to do! Here are a few examples:

  • The title of the first book in the series, Skid seemed like a good idea at the time, but in retrospect I should have picked another title.
  • I setup a Facebook Group to engage with fans and promptly neglected to confirm members to the group. No wonder I have very little interaction there.
  • Rather embarrassingly, for some reason I decided to edit the automated welcome message that is dispatched to all new subscribers to this list and didn’t save it – so all new subscribers didn’t get the link to the free downloads.
  • Setting up adds with links to the wrong book on Amazon
  • Not following my editors advice.
  • Getting the pricing out of whack on my Shopify site – (I’ll still do a buy three get one free deal for physical copies)

It’s a wonder I sell any books at all!

Happy reading.
Bruce and his alter ego Keith

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