How to become a #No 1 bestseller- I need to sell 3000 books

#No 1 bestseller

According to a recent interview I heard on RNZ, real artists have day jobs and if you produce any form of art, you can justifiably call yourself an artist. It doesn’t matter whether the artist is the only person to appreciate the work, or it is loved by millions. If you produce some form of art you are an artist and can call yourself one. I didn’t hear the full interview, especially the justification for these statements, but these concepts resonated with me.

We can’t all be bestselling writers or All Blacks, most of us are going to be there to make u2016-05-05 17.31.24p the numbers and play support acts whether we are a writer, painter, or a club rugby player striving to do their best each time they take the field. We all do our things mostly for the love of the game or art and mostly the effort is probably only really appreciated by one person. Most of us do what we do for fun and the sense of achievement and our key role is to make up their numbers so that others can shine.

Still it would be nice to have some financial reward as well as being recognized as an artist. Not so much for the effort involved but as some form of compensation for the cost involved in producing my masterpieces. So don’t be shy and download your copy of the books and help me achieve my sales target of 3000 units by Christmas. This number will give you an idea of how much money I need to more or less break even.

I have at least one happy customer as their copy of The Lifeboat arrived in time to be used as a Mother’s Day gift.




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