Hello from Skid – Bruce’s December 2018 update

Hi everyone, and a special welcome to the new subscribers to this update.

Over the last few weeks I have been playing with different types of adverts and advertising platforms. Whatever I am doing seems to be working as I have had a nice wee spike in sales, as well as giving away a significant number of the first book in the Skidian Chronicles series.

Amazon sales dashboard sky scraper.

As part of this process I have also undertaken some analysis of the genre channels I am selling in and reviewing the tags I am using in Amazon book description settings.This investigation has had some surprising results,leading me to experience a perplexing identity crisis. Imagine my surprise and the resultant discombobulation when I discovered by a process of elimination, three of my books rank higher in searches for humor and satire than they do for science fiction! To cap this off the other day I received a comment from an avid fan they enjoyed the dystopian themes in my books.

As I write this newsletter, I am not sure whether I should describe myself as a science fiction writer or a satirist. Clearly, based on this analysis I reckon I need to re-think how I describe and present my writing style. As a result of this research I have decided to change all my book taglines and genre descriptions on Amazon to reference satire and humor as an experiment to see if this drives more book sales. 

 For those of you who are waiting for the fifth book in the series,(everyone reading this newsletter I hope) I have cracked the 95000 word mark and have got to the point in the process where I have laid the groundwork for the story I really want to tell. I think. I never really know how it’s all going to end until I get there, and although my target is 150000 words for a first draft, who knows where this is actually going to end.

In terms of weekly writing targets I have managed to hit most of them until now, but it’s going to be a struggle in the lead up to Christmas given how busy I am in the day job.

Well, that’s enough for now. I hope you all have a great Christmas, enjoy the festive season and a good book or two.

Happy reading.

Bruce and his alter ego Keith

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