Friends of the Skidian Chronicles update

Recently I had had an epiphany, and on the back of this revelation have revamped my marketing to raise awareness for my books and drive more sales. You could be reading this blog as a result of my chance encounter with an online marketing guru who has changed my whole approach to promoting my books and other writing projects. The guru extolled the power of the humble mailing list to grow a fan base who will (hopefully) enjoy my novels and then tell all their friends what a great read they are. Friends, who in turn will tell all their friends, so before you know it sales will snowball, and I will be able to give up my day job, write full time, all the while maintaining the lifestyle of she who must be obeyed.  Well that’s the dream anyway.

So all of my advertising efforts at the moment are not aimed at selling more books directly but at growing a mailing list of people who have signed up to be introduced to the Skidian Chronicles series with a free download of the First Chronicle. The reason for this is, unless I have added you myself (naughty I know), you have opted into the list to  because something about the Skidian Chronicles series has piqued your interest. I hope I can nurture that interest over time and there will be more freebies and offers to come. If you’re reading this blog through a different channel than my email list you can opt into the list by joining it here.

So far my campaign to get encourage people to signup to my mailing list has been more successful than I could have imagined. Readers of my blog over recent years will remember that I set myself a goal of three thousand sales of all titles by Christmas 2016 and decided I would count fee downloads or alternative sales towards this target to help me achieve it. I believe its reasonable to believe a free download is a transaction so can legitimately be called a ‘sale’. I fell somewhat short of that target. However, with a change in approach in the last few weeks a once seemingly unattainable  target is suddenly a lot closer to becoming a reality.

If you have joined the mailing list but haven’t yet started reading the First Chronicle here is my favorite review from Amazon which I didn’t write myself, which will hopefully encourage you to read Skid and move onto the rest of the series.

Skid is the first novel in a trilogy of Skidian Chronicles . An imaginative and original plot which sees Bruce, a classic kiwi bloke, along with his three farm dogs, transported to the planet Skid in a distant solar system by the leader of an over-evolved society which has forgotten the value of work. In their quest to find experts who can re-acquaint them with the processes of food production, the Skidians also collect Sue, a young American travel agent. Over time Bruce and Sue learn to make the best of their new environment, vocations and each other, though the results fall short of both the human and Skidian expectations. The story moves as quickly as Sue’s erratic emotions and Bruce’s insights into the Skidian character. With lashings of humour and philosophy Skid is a fun and fascinating read, perhaps wandering in the footsteps of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and Red Dwarf, just waiting for a brave American film studio to snap up the film rights and rescue Mr Fenwick from his day job.

If you are in Wellington (NZ) this Saturday I am having a book launch at the Writers Plot Bookshop, 893 Fergusson Drive, Upper Hutt. Come along and buy a book.

The other books in the series on Amazon

The Second ComingThe Lifeboat, The Colonists



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