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Welcome to all of my new subscribers.

Last weekend I set myself some targets for writing and completing my next book which, at this stage  I am pretty sure will be be set in the same universe as the Skidian Chronicles, I’m just not completely sure where yet.

After a few days procrastination, re-reading my notes and polishing up on my typing skills at work I am just about underway and have set a target of January 2020 for a completion date.

It should be an interesting eighteen months or so, fitting this in around work, play (much more riding on the two wheeled toys than I have managed recently), and a book the Command Authority  wants to work on as well.

On top of this is an increased focus on marketing and possibly printing books locally for a crack at supplying local independent booksellers. Oh, and we are going to set up a book signing somewhere soon. Watch this space.  Hint, if you have’t already, sign up here to ensure you are kept up to date on what is going on.

In other news this week I am on someone’s radar at least, Facebook has noticed I am spending money on adds and have assigned me my own personal marketing assistant to help me spend more money with them. 

Far better still and I received a fantastic review for The Colonists. Reviews are critical to authors publishing independently, and reviews like the one below are like gold.

Cabbagetree 3,  is clearly a real fan and I would like to clone him or her, or their reviewing capability:-). If they are a member of one of the channels this blog/newsletter is dispatched to, Cabbagetree3 will be pleased to know that I have started book five, tentatively titled The Island. Given I am a writer who doesn’t sell enough books to give up his day job, I landed on the tentative publication date of January 2020. A man has to be realistic about his targets.

The Colonists 5  out of 5 stars

Headline: A most enjoyable read: I’m left pondering – is life following art? Or is life just stranger than fiction?

The Colonists is the fourth and, in many ways, the finest of the Skidian Chronicles. Despite having intermittent doubts about the sincerity and agenda of the Transcendents, Bruce, our anti-hero, continues to feel responsible for the success of the Mars For You mission and the experiences of the reluctant Colonists as they find themselves on a planet far far away from the galaxy they called home.

I found the Colonists the most interesting of the Chronicals to read to date in that the characters are now more fully developed, their motivations and inter-relationships both play out and challenge current stereotypes, and the politics of the worlds they inhabit provide a few laugh-out-loud moments given our current state on Planet Earth. At one point I felt myself silently championing Bruce to take up the reins and make a run for president of the world. I don’t think he has any such aspirations sadly even though he’s convinced he understands all our failings, but it would be a laugh. Although he thinks he knows what he’s doing, Bruce is a bit of a drop-kick when it comes to his relationships with women and with navigating the course of his blended inter-galactic family.

A few of the author’s literary devices distracted a little from my enjoyment (some of the repetition, the inconsistent treatment of the Transcendents as both a collective and singular noun). But all in all a most enjoyable read. I’m looking forward to the next book in the series and to finding out whether those leftie policies pursued by Chump’s masters bring peace on earth, and how our Colonists adjust to their new lives. Still waiting for the movie.

Where to find the series on Amazon – Skid, The First ChronicleThe Second ComingThe Lifeboat,The Colonists

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