Friends of the Skidian Chronicles Update 13/10/18

Good evening. Well, it was Friday night when I started writing this update, but I got distracted with a few beers, and it is now early Saturday morning in this part of the world. Given I have a global audience it could be any time of the day where you are.

Firstly, welcome to all the new subscribers to this newsletter, and thanks for downloading my books. I have seen an uptick in sales, which I am attributing at least partly to my subscribers purchasing other books in the series.It was also great to literally bump into one of my fans when I was out for a walk in the local botanical gardens.a couple of weekends ago.

Subscribers who haven’t already downloaded the electronic versions of the first two books in the series can navigate to my Shopify ( bookstore and download them for free from there using the discount code Keithfenwick. Note – the discount is applied when you click on the Checkout button, you will get an error message if you click on the PayPal button. The discount is valid until the 20th of October.

Since my last newsletter there are a few things to share. I have been experimenting with different channels to grow my subscriber base, some work, some don’t, some work for a short while and then go off the boil. I have run Google and Facebook adds which require constant refreshing and adjustments. In recent times I have discovered some other channels, Voracious Readers and Book Bub, and I am sure there are others I can hook into as well. All in all, my subscriber base is growing which is what my marketing efforts are aimed at.

In my last newsletter I announced that I had printed books locally and was planning a book signing to help me sell some of them. Unfortunately, the year is slipping away rapidly, and I am running out of time to set something up. The venues we are looking at using are booked for months ahead. At this sage I will probably be looking to set something up next year. Feel free to order some physical copies to fill the Christmas reading requirements of friends and family in the meantime.

Work on the latest book in the series is going well. I have managed to achieve and generally exceed my target of ten hours a week working on all aspects of writing and marketing. I am pretty pleased with myself for maintain this discipline, but it is going to be a struggle to maintain this over the next few months as work commitments for the silly season ramp up. The first draft is already at 530000 odd words in just two months. I have a target of about 150000 thousand in mind so at this rate I will have the first draft completed early in the new year and will possibly start to serialize it for my subscribers for feedback.

Happy reading
Bruce (aka Keith)

Where to find the books on Amazon – Skid, The First ChronicleThe Second ComingThe Lifeboat,The Colonists.

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