February Update

Greetings from the nerve centre of the Skidian Chronicles creative department and welcome to all our new subscribers.

After a hiatus of some months I’m getting itchy fingers and I’m starting to map out the structure my next masterpiece. I’m going to write something, I’m just not quite sure what I’m going to write about at this stage. To be honest, I wont have a clear idea what I’m doing until I actually get going which is all part of the fun. The only thing I am certain of is that there will be some connection with the Skidian universe. However tenuous this might be.

Originally, I was intending to forsake the Skidian universe entirely and write a diary, possibly a spoof on my life as writer and serialise it in this blog. However, as is often the case when I let my imagination run free, I’ve had another brainwave and there are some other avenues I want to explore.

This is probably for the best as my life is pretty boring and uninteresting, so a diary could get quite repetitive very quickly. (I went to work, I came home and worked obsessively on my book, I annoyed my good lady wife, I went to work and annoyed people there as well, I went for a ride….) Its probably better to stick to fiction which allows me to make stuff up without the risk of being accused of telling porkies or otherwise being elusive with the truth. Not that this seems to matter in the post truth environment we live in today.

While I’m grappling with these first world problems, download The Lifeboat for free from Amazon for the next few days. (Free offer starts 12.00 16 February Pacific Standard Time.)

What am I reading now?
Bone Silence by Alistair Reynolds.

What am I looking forward to reading?
Hyperion by Dan Simmons.

Happy reading.
Bruce and his alter ego Keith

Where to find the books on Amazon – Skid, The First ChronicleThe Second ComingThe Lifeboat, The Colonists, and The Island.

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