Dear Friends of the Skidian Chronicles series-update

Dear friends,

I need your assistance to help me realize my dream. As many of you will know I have spent a huge amount of time and energy doing promotional work to create interest and drive sales of my latest book, The Colonists after releasing it towards the end of May.

I have had a press release professionally crafted and it has showed up in all manner of interesting places. But, alas an interview for print or radio remains elusive.

Not to worry, I do have fans. A senior manager where I wile away the hours on my day job had this to say:

“Keith – first three books kept us enthralled. Good reads and great effort to put them out there. I would recommend buying a paperback copy as it’s easier to peel off a couple of chapters as you settle into bed than read on your bloody tech device!
For those new to this work, Keith runs a loyalty programme where those that buy any two of his books get the next 2 for free. Introduce a friend and he buys you a six pack of his favourite beer (Heinekin by the looks of it……..).”

Apart from downloading, reading, and leaving a review for all four books you can be a big help by liking and or sharing the links below to your Facebook, Linked, Neighbourly, Twitter or other feed to  help get the word out. Comments would be great. Media Releases to the Big Idea , Neighbourly,  Scoop,  Linkedin

I would also appreciate it if you could join my mailing list. Click here to join up if you haven’t already and keep up to date in the progress of the Skidian Chronicles and other writing projects. A book on immigrants stories is in the pipeline as well as a 5th book in the Skidian Chronicles series. At the moment I am giving away a free ebook to everyone who signs up for the mailing list.

Last but not least, come along to my book launches. I am going to have one in Wellington in a few weeks, keep an eye out on my Facebook page for details, and I will also run one in Auckland at some point later on.




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