Update – The Colonists

Once again I have been pretty slack in not posting here for a while. Needless to say I have not achieved my stretch  sales targets and will have to review them in light of the current market conditions. As every good salesperson knows the goal posts keep shifting around the field day to day and […]

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An excerpt from the second novel

Excerpt from the second novel in the Skid Chronicles series Check here to download book one in the series… http://www.amazon.com/Skid-Tasting-plant-ebook/dp/B009FIAMXS Excerpt “Do the people back at the ranch think like Mischief and his cronies?” Mitch asked as they sped away from the industrial complex. “They want something called collective leadership there, they want to vote […]

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The Skid Chronicles Part 2

…………here comes the Skid Chronicles Part 2 Synopsis The Skid Chronicles Part 2 follows on from the first novel in the series where our unlikely protagonists were kidnapped by a team from the Planet Skid on a mission to locate expertise to assist them in developing alternative food sources to feed their people as the […]

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