An excerpt from the second novel

Excerpt from the second novel in the Skid Chronicles series Check here to download book one in the series… Excerpt “Do the people back at the ranch think like Mischief and his cronies?” Mitch asked as they sped away from the industrial complex. “They want something called collective leadership there, they want to vote […]

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The Skid Chronicles Part 2

Excerpt from the The Skid Chronicles part 2 Bruce wondered why he had never thought of hijacking one of the patrol ships before as piloting one was just like playing on a virtual flight trainer game on the internet. He blissfully ignored the fact that he would never have got even close to one of […]

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Press Release

My first Press Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Contact: Keith Fenwick PO Box 90312 Victoria St West Auckland 0272066091 New Zealand Author Publishes Sci Fi Novel on Amazon Kindle Auckland NZ, January 29 2013 – New Zealand  author, Keith Fenwick, recently released a science fiction novel, Skid – The First Chronicle, the first novel of […]

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Unashamed self promotion

The other day she who must be obeyed turned up at home wearing this ‘t’ shirt. I was literally gobsmacked. Forget Adwords and Facebook adds and anything else you have to pay for here is the ultimate talking point. If nothing else the 2 or 300 hundred people who work in my building saw me […]

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The first Skidian Chronicle

Skid is an imaginative science fiction novel of considerable skill that pokes fun at all forms of political correctness, while also indicating there are dangerous signs of a disintegrating world that is not adequately taken care of. Readers will recognise these as parallels to life on earth. The plot addresses some serious themes, touching on […]

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Published at last

I have long been a frustrated author. Being a writer is something that I have always wanted to do. There is a literary bent in the family so I guess this isn’t all that unusual. If I was being honest with myself the reason that I have never really pursued writing as a career option […]

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