Book Sales update #1

I thought it might be a good idea to keep my followers updated with how I am going against my target of selling 3000 copies of my books by Christmas 2016. I know from various virtual and real conversations that people do read these posts and have some interest in what I am doing, if only to give me a hard time. Clearly, one way or another, whether by accident or design I am a source of entertainment for some. I wish I could translate this mirth, because that is what it mostly is, into increased sales.

To recap. I have written three novels that can be loosely described as science fiction. This genre is my preferred vehicle for telling my stories, though the books should only loosely be described as scifi and the timeline is more or less contemporary. For example, a character thinly disguised as Donald Trump makes an appearance in The Lifeboat. As an aside, the series was intended to be a trilogy but I have already complied a series of notes for a fourth volume so that I will be starting work on soon.

The Lifeboat was published on the 19th of April. In the two years or so previous to this I had (purposely) not put much effort into any marketing initiatives. Though for some reason I am big in India, even if people from the subcontinent don’t buy many of the books.

With the latest novel complete I decided to put a in a bit of effort into marketing the books and set myself the target of selling 3000 copies by Christmas 2016. It has been a source of great merriment in some quarters that sales are just 10% of target and given I am so far behind already, I have extended my target out to February 2017.  I will update the graph below from time to time to let people know how I am going.



The First Chronicle

The Second Coming

The Lifeboat


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