My MTB Journey February 13

Saturday morning. 72 and half minutes. 1.12.37. Almost a minute and a half quicker than Thursday afternoon and only 13 seconds off my best time achieved back in mid December. Is this a sign my masterplan is bearing fruit? Maybe. However, my fuel intake yesterday didn’t go according to plan with a chocolate chip biscuit […]

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My MTB Journey 11 Feb

Thursday afternoon. 74 minutes flat 1.14.00. Forty seconds faster than Monday morning. I knocked off work a little early today and went out for a sneaky ride. I thought it was a bit cooler than recent days but by the time I got underway after dealing with a technical issue, it seemed to have warmed […]

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My MTB Journey 8 Feb

Early Monday morning. 74 and a half minutes.1.14.41. Almost 2 minutes better than the other morning. Go figure. Still seven minutes better than the same day last year when my target was 80 minutes and I still haven’t managed that perfect ride that I have been working towards. I tried out an extra, helmet mount […]

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My MTB Journey 6 Feb

Early Waitangi Day Saturday morning. 76 and a half minutes. 1.16.28, two minutes slower than last Saturday. Not sure what the story was this morning, I felt pretty strong. I did have to fiddle around opening and closing a gate which cost me some time and for the first time in weeks, I didn’t manage […]

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My MTB Journey 30 January

Just under 75  minutes. 1.14.40. First ride in the park in the morning for a few weeks. I’ve been trying to get in two rides a week, but that’s not working well for me . Early mornings are my preferred time to hit the trails, because I have the place to myself and I enjoy […]

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My MTB Journey 8 January

Friday afternoon. 78 minutes, 1.18.07. This is my slowest effort for quite some time which is a bit disappointing and a bit of a setback. It’s been pretty wet for the last couple of days, it was raining up until a couple of ours before I went riding, and while I thought it had cooled […]

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MY MTB Journey 4 January

Monday 4th January. Hooray for Mondayised Holidays! Just a touch over 75 minutes. 1.15.07. Not too long ago I would have been  happy with this time. The only saving grace is that its been raining off an on for the last few days so the tracks are a bit sloppy in places. On the positive side, […]

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