My MTB Journey 8 January

Friday afternoon. 78 minutes, 1.18.07. This is my slowest effort for quite some time which is a bit disappointing and a bit of a setback. It’s been pretty wet for the last couple of days, it was raining up until a couple of ours before I went riding, and while I thought it had cooled […]

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MY MTB Journey 4 January

Monday 4th January. Hooray for Mondayised Holidays! Just a touch over 75 minutes. 1.15.07. Not too long ago I would have been  happy with this time. The only saving grace is that its been raining off an on for the last few days so the tracks are a bit sloppy in places. On the positive side, […]

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My MTB Journey 31 December

Just a wee bit slower than Monday 1.13.31. Roughly the same speed as the other day. Eight Achievements, two personal records, seven minutes faster than this time last year. Yehaaa. Not a bad way to end the year I guess. My score card would say more effort required in the early part of the circuit. I […]

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My MTB Journey 28 December

Just over seventy three minutes or 1.13.17. Two and half minutes quicker than the other morning, so I am pretty happy with myself. However, still almost a minute off my best time which I managed on a hot, windy afternoon. Still, cant be unhappy with nine segment achievements, including three records. Three of these were in […]

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My MTB Journey 18-26 December

18 December. Friday after work. 74.05 minutes 1.14.05. Pretty hot conditions and I had a wee whoopsie. I’m disappointed with a time that I would have been happy with on my last ride as this is one and a half minutes slower than last week. I had eight achievements, six of which were in the […]

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My MTB Journey 13 December

Sunday morning road ride 1.36.47.  Two and a half minutes better than my best time on this route. It’s fairly windy still and the first half of the ride seemed to be into a stiff breeze. However, I still managed an improvement. I rode this circuit this morning to see how the new wheels would […]

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My MTB Journey 11 December

A windy warm Friday afternoon. 72 and half minutes or 1.12.24 to be precise, which means I have well and truly smashed my target! Today’s effort was two and a half minutes better than my last ride on an evening that was fairly warm and quite windy. Not surprisingly I had six personal segment records […]

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My MTB Journey 5 December

5 December. Early Saturday morning. Just a whisker over 75 minutes. 1.15.02. I’m a little frustrated because I fumbled with unlocking my phone this morning which delayed me stopping the timer,  which cost me a few seconds. If I had got this right then I am pretty sure I would have easily bettered my target. […]

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My MTB Journey December 3

29 November. A sneaky, early Thursday morning ride. A fraction over 75 minutes.  1.15.08. The new bike helped me shave a further fourteen seconds off my best time. However, I am still yet to put that perfect performance together and smash through the 75 minute target. It’s not often I have felt able to have a […]

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