An update from the nerve centre of the Skidian Chronicles.

Hello from the nerve centre of the Skidian Chronicles creative department.

Since my last update I am close to completing the first draft of the latest novel in the Skidian Chronicles series. At one hundred and thirty five thousand words plus, the end is in sight!.

As I toil away on the latest book and getting to the next level in the writing game, transitioning from being a sci fi author with a day job to writing full time, and getting my books into the hands of as many readers as I can, I have undertaken extensive research via Google into to the steps and actions one needs to take to achieve success.

Consequently, I’ve become an online target for a series of adds promoting masterclass sessions undertaken by established authors who will arm me with sure fire steps to grow my audience and make shitloads of money in the process. The cynical section of my brain suspects this isn’t an altruistic exercise to share hard won knowledge and experience. Rather, it’s an exercise in generating another income stream in case the book sales dry up.

I reckon I’ve learnt a few things myself about this game and I see an opportunity to run counter masterclasses in realism. I’m convinced that luck plays a huge part in whether an author makes it into the big time. For example, there are many good writers, penning good books, garage and cover bands blasting out great songs, and many sportspeople making up the numbers in a team who will, no matter how hard they try, never get to showcase their talents on a national or international stage without a lucky break.

History is littered with people who have been handed an unexpected opportunity which has transformed their lives. Three years ago, who would ever have believed Jacinda Ardern would become Prime Minister of New Zealand in 2017, or that there would be so much winning in the United States of America? As to the latter, I did of course predict this, and if you read The Lifeboat, the third book in the series you will see how this came about. Though
sometimes the truth appears much stranger than fiction.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still having a crack at creating a point of difference and getting people interested in my writing.  So this week I have set up a crowdfunding project to raise some cash to go towards paying for the books I printed late last year. There are various prizes, including copies of the books and me buying a lucky ‘pledgee’ a beer. Check here for details. I have high hopes for this campaign, I haven’t officially launched it yet and I already have pledges!

As a prize for having read this far, for all of you who haven’t yet bought the second book in the series called, you guessed it, The Second Coming. Click here for a free EPUB version.

Happy reading.
Bruce and his alter ego Keith
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