Alternative Sales Annual Report

Well my extended sales period has ended and I have to report I am a long way off hitting my self imposed target. The upshot of this is the missus is going to have to wait a little longer for that big trip and I am going to need to come up with some more inventive ideas to sell more books.

However, after a rather depressing lead in to Christmas and January when I thought the books would be great stocking fillers and summer reads,  sales have picked up in February. Combined sales, sales where money changed hands and alternate sales where there has been a cost less transaction have been strong this month, assisted by some advertising that was a little off the mark. By which I mean, I boosted a notification update on my Facebook page instead of the post advertising the free giveaway and then forgot what day it was and set the giveaway up on a different day to the one advertised. The click factories in India have had a ball and the misplaced add was my most successful yet – resulting in more than enough sales to offset the cost of both adds. I am not sure what lessons I can take from that, except it reinforces the randomness of success.

Last month I sold a total of three hundred and thirty seven books, mostly ebooks via Kindle but there were a few hard copy sales in there as well. If I had this volume as a monthly sales base I would consider giving up my day job to pursue my dream, assuming Mrs Fenwick would let me.

Recently on of my work colleagues suggested I write case study outlining my efforts to sell books, what worked and what didn’t. There’s not much  I haven’t tried, I am not expecting to get rich out of my work but it would be nice too make a little money. My other ambition this  year is to be interviewed on Radio New Zealand, I am sure this will boost sales. I have also joined the New Zealand Society of Authors, it will be interesting to see what comes of that!

With this in mind I will be extending my target date to 31 December 2017. Look out for more alternative sales drives in the coming year and  some new initiatives I have in mind to achieve my target.


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