A milestone of sorts

A milestone of sorts this week. Finished the first draft of The Colonist which maybe renamed The Colonists as there is more than one of them. This draft adds up to something just shy of  one hundred and sixty thousand words all told so it is a reasonably lengthy tome.  It will be interesting to see how it all ends up,  The Lifeboat ended up growing through the editing process but I think for this book there might be some editing carnage if I am brave enough.

I am having a few days respite before starting work on the editing task. The next 6 weeks or so are going to be a bit tricky in terms of how much time I have to spend on it, I’m busy with the day job and off on a lengthy break in  few weeks time.

There will be no end of trouble if I spend too much time on the book while we’re travelling but continuity is important, otherwise I will lose my grip (on the story). Some people would say I already have!

I am also looking for some beta readers once I get going so if you’re suitably qualified – you have read books one, two, and three in the series and enjoyed them,  or you have some other relevant qualifications, get in touch.

To learn more about the books in the series already published visit my Amazon Author page-I’m not the dude who paints or spots trains.  You can also find me on Goodreads, not only can you engage me there you can also check out what I read for pleasure.




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