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New Zealand Author Publishes Sci Fi Novel on Amazon Kindle

Auckland NZ, January 29 2013 – New Zealand  author, Keith Fenwick, recently released a science fiction novel, Skid – The First Chronicle, the first novel of a science fiction trilogy.

In his first novel “Skid – The First Chronicle Skid” Keith Fenwick takes us to a highly sophisticated world where society is about to fall apart. A world whose leader’s arrogantly assume that they can do no wrong in the face of the dangerous signs of a disintegrating world around them. A disintegration caused by a failing in the technology that for so long has made them undisputed masters of the known universe.

Readers will immediately recognize the parallels with life as we know it on earth today as we struggle with the implications of climate change on our world and our lifestyles.

The plot addresses some serious themes, touching on issues as wide as the survival of any planet in the universe – from pollution, to the exploitation of natural resources – the pros and cons of collective versus individual action – organic versus synthetic food – survival with humor versus the alienating aspects of a form of political correctness.

The use of humor makes the book work effectively – mainly through the reactions of the “offworlders”, Bruce (from New Zealand) and Sue (from the USA). Both Bruce and Sue react in stereotypical ways as caricatures of the cultures they come from – the skillful and amusing portrayal of their characteristics allows readers to laugh at their own attitudes.

Unlike many science fiction books, skid doesn’t get bogged down in detail or stray so far from known worlds that you lose the plot. Aficionados of science fiction and anyone who enjoys a good read will enjoy this novel.

This is Keith Fenwick’s first novel.

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…..I found this book to be a great read. Part Space Opera, part satire, this is a very kiwi novel in many respects. It takes really earthly themes like our preoccupation with sustainability and the exploitation of diminishing resources and combines these with the apparent inability of a super alien society to deal with the change required to accommodate this. Whole the novel is somewhat predictable it is entertaining and worth a read.

…..A clever allegory and an engaging read……

Interesting and easy to read. Keith keeps the suspense through rich descriptions and engaging conversations. Themes of environmental awareness and spiritual discoveries are especially relevant to today’s Western culture. The allegory of technically advanced but spiritually poor aliens that lack a purpose in life keep reminding you of people you meet in everyday life. The everyday familiarity in a science fiction setting makes this book stand out.

…..This is a very easy book to read. I loved the hero with his local New Zealand connection and “all will be right” attitude.

…..A very good read – if you like a bit of science fiction.

If you read between the lines or look a little deeper into the story it is not far from current happenings today.

…..The two main characters are easy to relate to for many who would read this book.

And I think that being able to relate to these two makes the book so engaging and easy to read.

The story also gives you somethings to think about and touches on many of the problems faced in today’s world.

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